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Classification Manager©

Management Advisory Group provides a full range of software solutions to meet your human resources management needs. Our suite of integrated software packages can be used alone, or integrated to work together. 

  • Classification Manager is like having a human resources department on your PC. 

  • Classification Manager designs custom pay structures with a few key strokes, assigns employees to job classes and provides extensive reports and forecasting scenarios to assist in developing management or labor compensation strategies. 

  • Classification Manageris an invaluable tool in forecasting as well as in proving internal pay equity. 

  • Classification Manager can be used with our proprietary system or easily adapted to use your existing system of job classification. 

  • Classification Manager documents your FLSA decisions ensuring compliance with due diligence requirements and can manage the assignment of O*Net codes with the click of a mouse. 

  • MAG can maintain your database for a small monthly fee, freeing you to manage your classification and compensation system without the worry of constant updates and changes. Ask about the DASP program that has all of our clients so excited.

Performance Manager©

Managing performance is one of the biggest challenges facing the public sector. Performance management is a participative and continual assessment and renewal of the management of the roles and responsibilities of all employees. Performance Manager manages all aspects of the organization's reward system and integrates it with the fiscal resources of the agency. 

  • Managing performance can be used in a traditional supervisory-subordinate review process or can, with a click of the mouse, be modified to include a 360 degree evaluation process with multiple reviewers. This is critical to accurate performance assessment of trainee or probationary positions which may have multiple supervisors during a single review period. 

  • Managing performance and Classification Manager share a common data base. MAG's system allows you to have a stand alone PC based program or the ease of our distance administered system which handles all of the updates and changes for you. 

  • Managing performance is a fully integrated software module that allows the organization to design the goals and outcome measurements for each individual with a few simple entries. It shares the same database with the Classification Manager software to form a fully integrated, custom designed pay delivery and rewards systems. 

  • Managing performance can provide fully integrated job standards for each positions in your organization. The system supports both a supervisory and employee log for critical incidents as well as a training log. Nationally recognized Occupational Standards can be preset to organization specifications for Fire/EMS and Law Enforcement positions.

  • Managing performance includes a sophisticated budgeting tool that fully integrates with your payroll data to provide a variety of funding options to support the organization's mission and rewards system. The budgeting and forecasting utility retain full flexibility to be able to respond to changing financial conditions.

Market Manager©

Confirming the relationship of our clients to their respective markets requires custom survey work that allows you to see how you stack up against the competition. There is an abundance of referential market data available from many different online sites and services that can be confusing. Market Manager© arrays data in a transparent manner for each benchmark position as well as relating the overall relationship of the clients benchmark jobs to that of its competitive market.

  • Our clients understand that their employees, leadership and elected officials are not satisfied with market generalities but want hard facts and data that can be scrutinized and confirmed. MAG’s extensive experience in working with our clients and with many organizations and agencies results in solid, data directed information  that supports hard decisions.


  • Market Manager© seamlessly moves market information to Classification Manager© to prepare reports for publication that provide the kind of data driven information that can support multi-million dollar implementation decisions

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