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Performance Manager ©

Almost all supervisors recognize good performance, but being able to document and reward performance based on valid and accepted standards in the public sector can be difficult. MAG is developing software that will comprise all of the aspects of public sector performance that makes the use of performance based criteria practical for public sector. Performance Manager© will join our  high performing suite of classic software, Market Manager© and Classification Manager© that combine desk top accessibility with a web based interface.

Performance Manager© is a class title and occupational family based system that can be customized down to the class level or to the individual, depending on organizational or supervisory preference. The rating model adapts so that it automatically adjusts to the preferences of the supervisor. MAG’s innovative design precludes the need to adjust scores to overcome rater bias through a series of copyrighted algorithms that will normalize supervisory scoring against departmental and organizational norms, resulting in a value scoring system that is internally equitable. MAG will be introducing new software that will fully integrate a web-based on-line performance management tool for fully automated data entry by supervisors on key performance criteria that can be adapted from the  class to the job level. All data from supervisors and employees will download into our desktop software, Performance Manager© while will allow Human Resources staff to monitor progress in real time and equitably allocate fiscal resources between and among participating divisions down to the individual level while the organization has the option of retaining full control over the amount or percentage of money that will be shared based on performance criteria.

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