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Meet Our Team of Senior Advisors

Russell Campbell, Ed. D., Chief Administrative Officer

Dr. Campbell has more than 20 years of public sector management experience in areas such as budgeting and finance, human resources, organizational development, and strategic planning with extensive on-site, hands-on client experience. Previously, he has served as a human resources director, assistant city manager in municipal government; and served as administrator of a state-run health care system.  As a consultant, he has planned, organized, and directed studies in the areas of management auditing/operational reviews and analysis, service cost evaluations, quality of work life analysis, privatization, and cost allocation. His consulting experience encompasses state and local

government program evaluation, program management, efficiency analysis, and revenue enhancement. Dr. Campbell has an undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina, a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Troy State University, and Doctorate of Education from Liberty University.

Steve Foster, Senior Consultant

Steve is a retired military veteran who brings years of detailed project management skills to public sector projects. Steve has extensive experience in market and benefits analysis as well as with on-site support. Mr. Foster has participated in on-site interviews and meeting with employees in focus group as well as orientation sessions. He has worked with scores of public sector clients in the area on-site of overall project management as well as handling logistical support for client management.


Tracy O'Shields, Director of Administrative Services

Ms. O’Shields brings over 25 years’ experience in educational facility management, supported by her skills in business administration to our clients. She has significant experience in conducting market surveys for governmental agencies across the country and has a thorough understanding of MAG's Market Manager software, integrating a comprehensive understanding of the public sector market and the work that is performed. Ms. O'Shields coordinates the work of MAG staff in market and benefits survey development, data collection and data analysis and is also a key staff member in the development and editing process of project proposal review and development.


Rita Haugabrook, Assistant Director of Market Analysis

Ms. Haugabrook brings over 20 years’ experience in HR Consulting in Compensation, Classification, and Pay Equity Market Analysis to our clients. Ms. Haugabrook has extensive knowledge of MAG’s Market Manager© software and coordinates with our clients, both online and on-site, to facilitate relevant data gathering and processing for the survey process. Ms. Haugabrook brings her recognized expertise in Benefits Evaluation and Comparison to the firm allowing  MAG’s clients to ensure a competitive posture in total compensation and rewards.

Carly Phillips, Consultant

Carly provides over a decade of HR experience. She has a thorough understanding of MAG’s compensation and classification study process having developed and revised hundreds of job descriptions. Ms. Phillips studied Human Resource Management at University of South Carolina


Tatia Prieto, Ed.D., Prismatic Services

In partnership with Management Advisory Group, Dr. Prieto has conducted scores of consulting studies across the country, focusing on the operational and support programs that make schools and districts successful. Primary categories of consulting for Prismatic Services are: Comprehensive Management, Performance, and Efficiency Reviews; Organizational Assessments; Human Resources Reviews; Operational and Equity Audits; and Strategic Planning. Dr. Prieto has over 20 years of experience consulting for school districts in 28 states, for school districts with as many as 720,000 students. Dr. Prieto served in senior positions for two nationally-known consulting firms. In her work for both firms, she directed many comprehensive school district performance reviews.

Dr. Prieto holds an MBA in operations from The University of Texas at Austin. She is a certified Project Management Professional and possesses a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


Computers Reborn LLC
IT Support Services

Computers Reborn provides IT Administration Services and Data Management Services to MAG. They specialize in IT Equipment Repair and Upgrades; Linux Based Server Administration; Website Administration; Data Analysis and Processing; Board Level Troubleshooting and Repair; and Operating System and Software Support. Computers Reborn conforms to HIPAA (45 CFR 164) and NIST (800-63B) guidelines for information management and client-level security practices. Computers Reborn staff has extensive experience in all MS Office products and all versions of Windows OS as well as Apple macOS and Ubuntu Linux OS distros.

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