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Classification Manager ©

MAG’s flagship software, Classification Manager© supports an in-depth review  which includes a broad analysis of core work functions using a Job Profile methodology. This approach includes meaningful input from the employee, the supervisor, the organizational responsibility level and the impact of external market into a single point source for classifying work. MAG’s Job Profile approach allows for a high level of confidence in job/class placement within the organizational hierarchy. Classification Manager© is supported by downloading all key elements your employee’s online Job Profile Questionnaire, including supervisory confirmations and comments into our automated desktop application. The information provided by employees and verified and validated by supervisors is the visionary true north of any human capital management software. While many systems provide financial management support for HR and payroll, virtually no system uniquely integrates support for both classification and compensation design, planning and forecasting down to the individual level. Import and export from our Classification Manager© software is expertly handled through Excel spreadsheets.

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